Mestanolone Proviron

The most important part of ordering Steroid powders is actually receiving your order which means two things; firstly that the package passes customs and secondly that the order arrives without sustaining any damages.
Additionally, we also have an array fordisguise techniques to get packages through Customs of Most Countries . we will not discuss these publicly but rest assured they have a very high success rate. Please email for further details on this. we will send you pictures of package and show you where and how to get your powder in our special package.

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Synonyms:Proviron, Mestanolone, Methyldihydrotestosterone, Assimil, Androstalone, Methylantalon, Andoron, Methybol, Preroide, Tantarone, Mestanlone

Mestanolone Proviron CAS: 521-11-9

Mestanolone Proviron  EINECS: 208-302-6

Mestanolone Proviron  Assay: 99% min.

Mestanolone Proviron  Packing: Discreet package or according to the request of customers

Mestanolone Proviron  Delivery: DHL, UPS, EMS, FEDEX

Mestanolone Proviron  Character: White crystalline powder. Mp 224-226℃

Mestanolone Proviron  Categories: Biochemistry; Hydroxyketosteroids; Steroids



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